March 14, 2022


Members met last Monday 14th March and discussed:

Although most members reporting increases in turnover compared with 2019. There is evidence of a downturn in trade since the lifting of Covid restrictions and people getting back to the office for work, leading to less mid-week ‘scratch cooking’ and more mid-week eating out. However, for those serving foodservice and hospitality trade has improved.

With some wholesale prices increasing, far more concern was expressed about increased energy, transport, and labour costs. But with trade getting ‘back to normal’, adjustment in opening hours, increase in deliveries, click ‘n collect, and website sales benefit those involved planning the working day.

Other matters included: Membership renewals; support for a change in rules to allow recruitment of members outside of NCB membership; member visits, feedback, and new member applications; development of new Londonbutchers website and CAPITAL TASTE AWARDS – Allowing members to have products evaluated winning 3,4 or 5 star ‘excellence’ recognition awards.

NEXT MEETING MONDAY 9th MAY 2022 AT 7.00 PM – Contact for link
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