London Retail Meat Traders Association

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  • Help and Advice on Issues affecting your Business
  • Regular contact through Newsletters and Bi Monthly Meetings
  • Annual Members Meeting and President's Dinner
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Our Mission

The London Retail Meat Traders Association (LRMTA) represents its members' interests at local and national level. The LRMTA periodically provides information and, if required, is committed to giving its members mentor support in the day to day running of their business. As a business support organisation with extensive experience in the meat industry the LRMTA has:

Regional knowledge
Regional representation and
Regional events and meetings

LRMTA delivers the sort of specialist support, vital connections, and advantages which often elude the independent meat trader in his or her business

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Our Heritage

"It has been told by those who have gone before that the origins of the Association came about during the second half of the 19th century as the result of a group of butchers and wholesalers on London's Central (Smithfield) Market getting together because of a common interest.

Frustrated with the creep of regulatory controls, and the extortionate charging regimes of the railway companies for the delivery of meat into the metropolis, this group of men chose to fight, mobilised, "put money into a hat", and formed what became known in 1907 as the Incorporated Society of London Meat Trades (ISLMT) and forerunner to the London Retail Meat Traders Association".


President: Jim Sperring
J N Sperring & Sons
123 Southborough Lane
Telephone: 0208 460 1407

Secretary: Roger Kelsey FinstM
Telephone: 01892 541412
Mobile: 07984 95 85 15
829, Eastern Avenue, Ilford, ESSEX IG2 7RZ

Hon Treasurer: Paul Hambling
Mobile: 07979 40 64 72

Asst Hon Treasurer and National Federation of Meat and Food Traders Representative: Anthony J Luckhurst MinstM
Mobile: 07831 51 01 06


With a combined Membership to the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT) the "London" member enjoys many benefits including.

  • Help and advice on Employment, Health and Safety, and Taxation matters
  • Regular contact through Newsletters and Bi Monthly meetings
  • Annual Members Meeting and President's Dinner
  • Special Rates for Business, Domestic, and Vehicle Insurances
  • Skills training and Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Special rates for Credit and Debit card transactions
  • Automobile Association Membership at discounted rates
  • Free Members Handbook "a bible" for information
  • Advice on the procurement of Utilities
  • Free entry on and
  • Marketing support for local advertising and Food Fayre Gift Vouchers.